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We seek to make our church activities and facilities safe for children. It is our responsibility as adults to do all we can to protect children. We must be prepared to prevent all types of child abuse and neglect and to strengthen families. This policy applies to all church ministries.  We commit to the following in order to make our church safe for infants to 18 years olds:


1.  We agree to train all staff and volunteers the following on an annual basis:

  • What is child abuse

  • What are the types of child abuse

  • What are the signs of child abuse

  • How to report child abuse 

2. Follow the "Buddy System"/two-adult rule that one adult will never be left alone with a child or group of children.

3.  A background check,will be conducted on all staff and volunteers who work with children 0-18 years old.


4.  When a child discloses abuse or child abuse is suspected contact Child Protective Services (United States: 1-800-4ACHILD the phone number for your state or province]) or the police (911) at once.  

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